Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ch7: Cognition and Instruction

Pg. 313 Technological Applications
I tried to use the personalized format every time it was feasible when my students worked on Math story problems. I found it made it easier for them to understand the problem.  Sometimes I would pair them up and have them act out the problems.  They really enjoyed it. I started doing this because even though they could break up the problem with the use of their strategies sometimes they would get the operation incorrect.  If they personalized it, it seemed to make more sense since they thought of themselves performing the actions described in the problem.

As for technology integration in the classroom, I believe that even if you have the best of the best hardware/software, if you don't use it, you will not see any benefit.  If you want to see benefits/results you have to go the extra mile, by learning the technology, and then modifying it as you go along if you see that it's not functioning the way you expect it.