Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ch4: Cognitive Information Processing Theory - Attention and Learning

Pg. 140 Student Attention in the Classroom
I liked the ideas described on how teachers can increase student attention.  I thought it was a given that teachers needed to be more active and more creative delivering instruction to engage and motivate students to learn, but now I know not all teachers think this way.  I met a teacher who's major concern was keeping the students quiet at all times.  She would lecture ask the students questions that required a specific answer and never really let the students answer their own thoughts about what was being read or taught.  I would hardly ever sit in my classroom, during story time I would always walk around, I liked changing my voice when I was reading the stories and sometimes acted out pieces of the story. The students really liked it and they seemed to understand what was going on in the story and how the characters were feeling, it helped me keep their attention throughout the lesson.